Recommended Acupuncturists

Laing Dr Richard
I was fortunate to see how useful homeopathy was before I knew what it was and before I had been affected by any medical prejudices. Homeopathy has survived attacks on it for 200 years for only one
Points Plus Acupuncture
Christina has been interested in health and wellbeing for many years. She moved to London in 1990 but it wasn't until 2003 that a decision was made to rebalance her health and life. This led Christina
Jackie Jarvis Acupuncture
After 6 years of insomnia I had tried everything with no success, I can now sleep at night. I would not hesitate to recommend both acupuncture and Jackie as between them they have certainly improved
Herbs & Acupuncture
In Britain, they are not new either. Herbs & Acupuncture is a friendly patient-centred practice. Medicine practitioners. Dr. Yu has been educated in two disciplines - both TCM and Western medicine.
The Tonbridge Clinic
Gemma Viney has been a constant and fabulous support during my ongoing rehab. I have not opted for any surgical intervention and it is only with Gemma's unwavering support, enthusiasm and incredible
Claire Mindham Acupuncturist
Claire's interest in natural medicine came about after a period of ill health which was turned around by acupuncture. Some years after treatment, Claire could not resist any longer and embarked on a
Glendale Acupuncture Clinic
My name is Gillian Berry, and I have been a qualified Acupuncturist since 2002 and Reflexologist since 1994. I discovered Acupuncture and Reflexology in the 1990's and after experiencing fantastic
Harmony Acupuncture
If you are answering yes to any for these questions then acupuncture may be the answer you have been searching for. Traditional Acupuncture is a healthcare system based on principles dating back over
Bluebells Acupuncture
Acupuncture can benefit a number of ailments, such as insomnia, IBS, migraines, back ache, IVF, tennis elbow etc. Using 'single use sterile needles' I stimulate acupuncture points along meridians
Lloyd-Hughes Bronwen
I originally worked in various branches of the National Westminster Bank Plc, my last position being at the Insolvency and Debt Recovery Department in Telford, Shropshire. Like many working mothers I
Alison Courtney BscHon Acupuncture
I enjoy all the aspects of a busy general acupuncture practice, I also attract a lot of pregnancy work because of my midwifery background. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of which acupuncture is a
Traditional Acupuncture
Acupuncture works to help maintain your body's equilibrium. It involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body to regulate the flow of 'qi', your body's vital energy. For
Beth Bennett Acupuncture
Acupuncture treatment can be extremely effective at restoring you to balance, enhancing your wellbeing and improving your overall health, by getting to the root of your problems, and not just your
Manningtree Osteopathic Clinic
Based in the heart of Manningtree we provide osteopathic & physiotherapy treatment to the local community and beyond. We treat a variety of musculoskeletal issues from diagnosis to treatment through
Richard Gibbons Acupuncturist
Bedore acupuncture I slept very badly, had an atrocious cough and almost constant catarrh. Now if I wake up in the middle of the night I go back to sleep promptly, my cough and catarrh are less
Herbal & chinese medicine | Romb
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