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Utilising the knowledge of 3000 yrs of recorded history of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, combined with modern techniques and concepts, Cranial Therapy, Bodywork, & Massage, a therapy as old as touch itself. 

All of these skills can be combined into a treatment tailored to your needs or individually chosen by you. 
Visit the Acupoint website for more details, or contact Lisa to discuss if these treatments can help you. 

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Acupuncture, Massage and Herbal Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

An ancient health system with over 3000 years of recorded history, is used extensively throughout the whole of Asia, in private clinics and specialised TCM hospitals, where its clear clinical effectiveness and documented research are now seeing an increase of interest and its use worldwide.

The principle theory of Acupuncture is to harmonise the balance of Yin (fluids and flesh) with Yang (energy) and maintaining the flow of energy (qi) between them. If the flow is obstructed, by injury, emotional stress, poor diet, the harmony of our system is disrupted, pain and illness result.

Acupuncture is good for many ailments including:

Back and neck pain

Muscular and joint pain

Neurological Problems


Digestive problems

Relaxation and relief of tension

Lethargy / Low energy


Poor Posture

Respiratory problems

Gynaecology, menstrual, menopause, pregnancy and fertility issues.

Business Products

Chinese Herbal Medicine Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine for health and wellbeing, injury and pain.

A full tradition diagnosis is taken before a formula of herbal medicine is chosen to suit your pattern and symptoms. Herbs are in predecocted granules, tablet or capsule form.  

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20% off your first visit.

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Lisa Thynne - Acupuncturist

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Lisa began study and training in 1987, and completed 4 years of vocational training in an Osteopathic clinic along side this, and two years of diploma traing in Cranial Therapy and bodywork. 

She later completed a diploma in Acupuncture in 2003 and a degree in Acupuncutre and Chinese Medicine in 2008, working at variouls venues in Suffolk, for 19yrs, including Centre Parks and Shrubland Hall Health Clinic, and in Dorset since 2015.



Clinics in Salisbury Wiltshire and Milborne Port, Somerset, 5 mins drive from Sherborne in Dorset.

Available treatments

A range of therpies can be combined or single therapy style.

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56 London Road,

Sherborne, DT9 5DW
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