Dr. Li Chinese Medicine
This is an ancient Chinese therapy involving the insertion of very fine needles to stimulate vital "energy points", thus regulating the meridians or channels of the body. The goal is to promote the
Hao Clinic
Ri Fang started training in acupuncture in 1969 under the master acupuncturist Song, Jing Xuan in Beijing. In 1969 the Chinese government sent her to Inner Mongolia for 6 years. During this period she
Holywood Physiotherapy
We provide a professional physiotherapy and acupuncture treatment for a range of conditions including: back and neck pain, postural pain, sports injuries, musicians' injuries, sprains and strains. We
Marie Doherty Clinic
Marie is a fully qualified and registered complementary medicine practitioner. She is experienced in holistic therapies which treat a wide range of conditions, provide alternative pain relief, and
Acupuncture Clinic
Ros Chambers is a highly qualified practitioner of many areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, located in Belfast and Jordanstown. Traditional acupuncture is a holistic