Whenever you are willing or recommended to find a good and reliable acupuncturist the most important thing you would like to look for and consider is someone who has a very particular experience related to helping patients with similar health conditions and also someone with good training. At the end of the day, this is the person who will now have the responsibility for your health and well-being and you cannot just put your health in the hands of someone you are not sure about or you don’t know enough about.

After all, we are willing to put so much effort and time into finding the right contractor for home improvement projects, business support endeavours, and what not, but what could ever be more important than our health?! Of course, you will have to double the effort and really take your time to make a good research and finally find the right acupuncturist for you. So without further ado, let’s have a closer look at the topic and find out what acupuncture professionals recommend you to look for when choosing the best acupuncture professional for you!

Always make sure that the acupuncturist you choose to work with has good training and all the licenses and certificates needed. You don’t want to put your health in the hands of a random guy that even don’t have all the recommended licenses and certificates needed to perform acupuncture. You don’t expect a cosmetologist or some other sort of professional to provide you with a reliable acupuncture service too, right? At least if they don’t have all the certificates and licenses needed, of course.

Seek out someone trained in more than just acupuncture. Of course, you can easily deal with your current health condition with just acupuncture and a few sessions may be helpful enough to feel better and absolutely healthy. However, some health problems would require more than just one approach to deal with and sometimes a combination of approaches is the best thing you can do. In this case, an acupuncturist with additional training in homeopathy or with knowledge of the right use of additional products or herbs such as additional training as a herbalist could be your best professional. However, always keep in mind that you don’t have just blindly put trust in what your acupuncturist is recommending and you better first speak to your doctor or ask for at least a second opinion from a trained professional.

Choose someone with a speciality or experience in the condition/s you have. Of course, you are not going to go to an acupuncturist with experience in gynaecology or fertility if you have some back pain, right? It is exactly the same as you wouldn’t go to a dentist if you have a problem with your eyes, you should choose your acupuncturist depending on their speciality or experience.

In a connection with the previous point, make sure to ask about the duration of their training or how many years of experience they have. Don’t just go for an acupuncturist just because they tell you that they had other patients with back pain previously. You want to know exactly how many years of training and experience they have in treating this very specific problem you have. Professionals recommend you to not settle down for someone with less than 3 years of professional training and experience.

One next thing to make sure you know is if the acupuncturist is using disposable needles. This is a very important aspect that will affect your final decision as the answer is highly important for a safe and clean treatment.

You would also want to know about the price of a session and you don’t have to be ashamed asking about that. The reliable professional will give you a clear and honest answer immediately. Keep in mind that the cost of different treatments may vary significantly, especially when we add the treatment plan that can be very individual and the level of experience to the equation. The price of the initial consultation can also vary a lot between professionals. However, make sure to ask your question and look for a clear and honest answer.

Don’t forget to ask if follow-ups will be necessary. Of course, in many cases, even the acupuncturist cannot give you a good answer to this one as he or she will not be sure how acupuncture will affect your health. Keep in mind that every organism is very individual and because of that different results can be expected from different people who are treated for the same problem. However, there are situations that require more than one treatment such as in the case with a fertility acupuncture treatment so always make sure to discuss all details and what can be expected.

Ask your doctor or clinic for recommendations. Usually, doctors and acupuncturists often work in a network or at least have some sort of contact and you can ask your doctor if they recommend someone reliable and with a good reputation in particular. Even if you don’t visit an acupuncturist who has been recommended to you by your doctor, always make sure to tell your doctor that you are seeing one.

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