Hao Clinic

Ri Fang started training in acupuncture in 1969 under the master acupuncturist Song, Jing Xuan in Beijing. In 1969 the Chinese government sent her to Inner Mongolia for 6 years. During this period she was still under the guidance and training of Mr. Song. While in Mongolia she was trained as a "barefoot doctor" i.e.

She studied and practiced in a number of hospitals in Beijing and qualified as a Chinese Medical Doctor in 1987, graduating from Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She then carried out a further three years advanced studies under the guidance of three well-known professors, including Prof Zhang, Ru Xin, in the Acupuncture Department of Beijing hospital of TCM. Her studies and work included treating bone and soft tissue injuries.

After work in China, she moved in 1991 to Krakow, in Poland where she set up the first Chinese Medical clinic. This was a very successful clinic.