British Medical Acupuncture Society
The British Medical Acupuncture Society is a registered charity established to encourage the use and scientific understanding of acupuncture within medicine for the public benefit. It seeks to enhance
Acupuncture Bodywork Therapy
Acubody therapies are integrating an up to date understanding of fascial anatomy and postural dysfunction, biomechanics and movement training with the Chinese medicine systems of acupuncture and
Bruce McCallum
By aiming to treat the cause of disease, five element acupuncture corrects our imbalances and restores us to health. Ultimately, the aim of five element acupuncture is to treat the whole system,
Blue Dragon Acupuncture
I started studying and practicing acupuncture about ten years ago. My training has included many months in Chinese hospitals and private clinics. Over the years I taught myself to read Chinese, which

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