Bluebells Acupuncture
Acupuncture can benefit a number of ailments, such as insomnia, IBS, migraines, back ache, IVF, tennis elbow etc. Using 'single use sterile needles' I stimulate acupuncture points along meridians
Tim Stillwell
Tim Stillwell qualified from the International College of Oriental Medicine in 1987. His further studies over the years include a postgraduate clinical course in Nanjing, China. Massage has always
Ginger Natural Health
Our purpose is to provide good health and long term well being through the promotion of natural therapies. It seems to be working! Ginger offers mainstream therapies such as massage, acupuncture and
Kun Lun Chinese Medicine
For thousands of years, the Chinese approach to health has differed from the West. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) talks of a vital energy flowing throughout our bodies, called Qi. If this flow is
Natural Gateway Complementary Therapy
Situated within the Theobald Medical Centre our aim is to provide the best in private complementary and alternative healthcare and products alongside the excellent work of our NHS colleagues. The
Kate Henley Acupuncture
Kate qualified from the University of Westminster with a BSc in Acupuncture and has been in practice since 1997. More recently she has qualified as a Supervisor. She runs two acupuncture clinics: one
Bea Masters Acupuncture
Bea Masters is a fully qualified and insured acupuncturist practising in St. Albans and Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Traditional acupuncture is a holistic therapy that works to balance mind,
Highview Acupuncture
I am graduate of the Collage of Integrated Chinese medicine in Reading, gaining a BSc (Hons) degree in Acupuncture, and receiving a Licentiate in Acupuncture, after a 4 year course in both Traditional
Northridge Way Physiotherapy Clinic
Martin Storrie opened his own clinic in 2004 to serve patients in and around Hemel Hempstead, providing effective physiotherapy treatments for musculo-skeletal problems for all areas of the body
Advance Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic
Our Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist offers a great choice of proven healthcare for people of all ages, including children. We serve patients from a variety of locations in
Rickmansworth Acupuncture
Our TCM doctors are fully qualified in China and are members of ATCM in the UK. Our senior doctor graduate from the Jilin Traditional Chinese Medicine University, from the Chinese Medicine Department.
Melanie Elliman Shenming Clinic
What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is an ancient medical system which dates back to around 2,500 years ago in China. Chinese physicians, over the years have evolved an intricate healing process which
Bushey Acupuncture Practice
My passion for acupuncture and Chinese medicine came about as a result of the loss of my own health with MS sixteen years ago, and my subsequent journey back to wellbeing. Not wanting to limit my
Acupuncture Kyoko Durnall
Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine) is part of a complete oriental medical system that is used to diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses. Acupuncture and Herbal
St John's Acupuncture Clinic
Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine have been around for thousands of years and helped millions of people. Now it's your turn. At our clinic in Cambridge we treat a variety of conditions including back
Think Physio Hitchin
Physiotherapy is a science-based profession that has a strong commitment to evaluating and applying the evidence that underpins and informs its practice. Chartered Physiotherapists have extensive
Fertility Acupuncture Support
Acupuncture has been used in China for over 2,000 years as a specialised treatment to support fertility issues for women. Latterly, scientific research into the effects of acupuncture within this
Renying Acupuncture
I have lived in Berkhamsted for over 25 years and have 4 grown up children. I work as a midwife in Oxford carrying out research for the University into problems of pregnancy such as high blood
Acupuncture Hemel Hempstead
Martin Silliton qualified as an acupuncturist at the Chung San School of acupuncture in 1988. He went on to study Chinese herbal medicine at the London Academy of Oriental Medicine under the eminent
David F Mayor
Many conditions respond well to acupuncture. However, in traditional acupuncture each person is treated as a unique individual rather than according to named medical conditions. The only way to know