Heather Davidson - Oxford Acupuncture
Heather Davidson is a fully qualified acupuncturist treating a wide range of conditions. She specializes in fertility and women's health, migraines, insomnia, cancer recovery, chronic illness, fatigue
Chronic and Acute conditions:She treats men and women for both chronic illnesses and acute conditions, including pain management and symptom control, supporting them to prevent further illness and get their lives on track.
Acupuncture Natural Health
Acupuncture provides an alternative approach to Healthcare and can help in a wide variety of conditions as a stand alone treatment or alongside conventional medicine. Many people find Acupuncture to
Rebecca Hodson Acupuncture
I am a traditional acupuncturist, located in South Oxfordshire between Henley-on-Thames and Reading. Here you can find out about me, how acupuncture works and what you can expect when you come for
East Ilsley Acupuncture
Years before embarking on my education to become an acupuncturist I received acupuncture treatment in Toronto. The results were fantastic, chronic stresses which had plagued me seemed to melt away and
Acupuncture Oxford
I practice acupuncture in Stonesfield, Bletchingdon, East Oxford and Oxfordshire generally for home visits: acupuncture can help to deal with exhaustion, stress, pain (short- and long-term), general
Owen Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a safe and effective practice, which can be used alongside conventional medicine. It is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for its clinical benefits and research and
My name's Vivien. I work as an acupuncturist and my dream has always been to make a beautiful, unique space to practice acupuncture in. A friend suggested building a straw bale eco-house with rammed
Physiolistic provides a comprehensive and complete musculoskeletal service which is tailored to your individual needs in a welcoming and personal environment in Henley-on-Thames. At Physiolistic all
Susannah Fone Acupuncturist
Acupuncture is a tried and tested system of complementary medicine. The Chinese and other eastern cultures have been using acupuncture to restore, promote and maintain good health for thousands of
Marcus Senior
Acupuncture is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is one of the oldest medical systems, still practiced today. This speaks much for the efficiency of treatment and for the laws and