Headingley & Leeds Acupuncture

Therese is a Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) practitioner and has been a qualified, practising acupuncturist since 1996; Therese is also a member of the International Acupuncture Society of Hong Kong and the Complementary Medical Association, and has 3 years nursing experience.

Health is a state of total harmony between the physical, the emotional and the spiritual aspects of the individual. Illness on the other hand is a disharmony that manifests itself as certain symptoms. Acupuncture is the process of restoring balance in the body and mind.

In determining the pattern of disharmony, the acupuncturist needs a detailed understanding of the patient's lifestyle, diet, work, emotional states, etc. The diagnosis includes questioning, observation and examination. The physician is not looking for symptoms in isolation, rather, how they combine to form a whole picture.

The therapist will then use very fine needles inserted at various points on the body to encourage the movement of energy. Acupuncture points may also be stimulated with the use of heat therapy (moxibustion) or electro-acupuncture.