The Basement Clinic

Acupuncture is a therapeutic tool within Traditional Chinese Medicine - just as pharmaceutical drugs, or surgery are therapeutic tools within Conventional Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, like Conventional Medicine, can treat virtually anything, and like Conventional Medicine, it is probably better at some things than others.

Conditions that acupuncture treats successfully are often those that Conventional Medicine is less successful with. So there is good evidence of acupuncture's effectiveness for morning sickness, and turning breech babies. There is good evidence for effectiveness as an adjunct to IVF. However, it is also useful in conditions not specific to a woman's reproductive years! I have had good success treating allergy, depression and other psychological ailments, and migraine and headache. It is particularly good for acute musculo-skeletal pain - sore and stiff shoulders and knees, tight and painful tendons, joints that don't feel right.