The company founded in 1993, Shulan UK is one of the earliest established TCM company, with core business on TCM education—Shulan TCM college, clinical practice and TCM product wholesale. Our commitment is to provide clinical excellence, world class TCM education and leading quality safe products and reliable service to enhance people’s well-being with TCM.

Since then, Shulan TCM has grown rapidly into a respected major supplier for the TCM community in the Europe, supplying a vast range of top quality products, pride ourselves in offering unparalleled help and support to UK alternative medicine development.

We believe TCM captures the essence of traditional medicine with more than 400 years of history, inheriting a large number of renowned historic medicine. Adapted in modern days, it is qualified and effective. We have worked closely with regulatory authorities to confirm this. We are proud that Shulan UK is approved supplier for RCHM and ATCM.