Reflexology Emma Kane

What we want is to see you improve your health and live life with fun and without restrictions. We will help you to find unique solutions to your individual issues. Whether you have real problems or just want to feel that little bit more verve in your life, we have therapies that will empower you to get back on track.

All our therapists are aware of how the others work and we will refer you to another therapist if we think what they can offer will help in your unique circumstances.

Susan has worked in the field of complementary therapy since 1984 and has a real passion for working with people and helping bring back the sparkle so often missing in the busy lives we all lead. Susan left a career in nursing to become an acupuncturist as she wanted to work in a holistic way with her clients.

Susan has always worked in private practice and from 2006—2008 Susan worked with The Department of Health in Northern Ireland to set up a very successful pilot project integrating Complementary Medicine into the NHS. “Our patient outcomes were amazing” The results of the project can be read here.

From February 2007 to February 2008, Get Well UK ran the UK's first government-backed complementary therapy pilot. Sixteen practitioners provided treatments including acupuncture, osteopathy and aromatherapy, to more than 700 patients at two GP practices in Belfast and Derry.

The BBC made an hour long documentary following our trials and tribulations, which was broadcast on BBC1 NI on 5 May 2008.