Paul Silk Acupuncture & Massage

Paul Silk Acupuncture and Massage offers a range of Physical Therapies including Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Holistic and Sports Massage. I have treated a wide variety of people in professions from ballet performers to builders. I enjoy the unique challenges of working with people who use their body continuously at a high level of strain. My clients, however, range in age from 5-100 years old, and body types from professional dance level fitness to morbid obesity and post-operative recovery. I work in palliative care for Cancer survivors and their families and offer pain and stress relief. I work with families undergoing fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF working with them throughout their conception and pregnancy and bringing their babies to full term. I have also assisted in the turning of breach babies, before their subsequent successful delivery. In 2013 I decided to expand my practice by studying Coaching.