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The Living Centre Clinic is owned and run by Vispi Jamooji one of London’s leading, peer recognised, back-pain authorities in the non surgical treatment of spinal pain. The Clinic has a special interest in managing all types of pain from crying new born babies to muscle, joint and nerve pain in adults.

The Living Centre Clinic has a good reputation for providing high levels of care in natural therapies, in particular for new born babies and children as well as adults. Popular treatments include allergy and substance testing, treatments for skin complaints, digestive problems, chronic illnesses; and of course our flagship treatments for pain relief: osteopathy, acupuncture and massage.

All clinicians are self employed and run their own clinics from this address. Our senior clinicians have been with us 20 years or more which is a testimony to their clinical successes, which we hope you will agree with if you try us.

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The principal aim of acupuncture is to discover the root cause of the condition (according to Chinese Medicine) and address it at each level. Most conditions are a combination of physical, mental and emotional factors and each area needs to be addressed to facilitate a comprehensive change.

For this reason we look at dietary changes, the use of supplements and herbs, physical issues(exercises, posture, breath, injury’s) and the mental and emotional aspects and how they all can influence each other positively or negatively.

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32 Durham Road, Raynes Park

Merton, SW20 0TW
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