Livewell Acupuncture

Shelley began her journey in Complementary Therapies in 1999. She studied full time for 2 years learning healing and relaxation techniques including advanced Reflexology, Reiki Healing to Master level, Advanced Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage. Since 2001 she has successfully worked with many patients from all walks of life and treated various conditions. Through gaining experience with touch and sensitivity her treatments have developed an energetic and intuitive approach, this has developed into a unique style of practice often combining different techniques into one session, providing patients with a more tailored structure to their treatments. In September 2005 Shelley committed back to full time study, undertaking a 4-year BSc Hons. Degree in Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture), at the International College of Oriental Medicine, East Grinstead. The Style of Acupuncture Shelley practice's is rooted in the philosophy of Five Elements and Stems and branches.