Lewes Community Acupuncture

With acupuncture as with most other things, there is an obvious link between accessibility and affordability. Acupuncture in the UK has, until recently, been practised by one practitioner treating one patient at a time, in a small room, and charging a fee appropriate for a highly-trained professional. This is NOT how acupuncture is practised in China. Acupuncture takes time to work; you will usually feel a difference after one treatment, but the reality is that a course of treatment is required for most complaints, and that course may take months or years for very stubborn, chronic or serious complaints. The problem with paying very high prices for sessions is that patients will often not be able to come for treatment frequently enough and for long enough to get better and stay better. The solution is called a 'MULTI-BED CLINIC'. It is such an obvious idea that it's a shame it's only been around in the UK for a few years!