Laing Dr Richard

I was fortunate to see how useful homeopathy was before I knew what it was and before I had been affected by any medical prejudices. Homeopathy has survived attacks on it for 200 years for only one reason-it works. Other than the fact that it works it has not much going for it-its mechanism of action is not understood and on the face of it, it seems contrary to common sense to think that very small doses of medicines work. The kind of trials designed to test the efficacy of drugs do not work well with homeopathy. However, these trials also often fail to show that widely prescribed drugs have any useful effect. For example, antidepressants seem to be no more effective than placebo according to some research. In homeopathy you cannot give everyone with the same disease the same medicine. The individual reaction to the disease must be considered. This requires careful questioning and observation. Homeopathy has been used in a great many diseases.