Dr Birch Acupuncture

I studied medicine at Nottingham University and gained a Bachelor of Medical Science degree in 1993 (2:1), two years later, in 1995, I graduated as a doctor. I decided to become a general practitioner and achieved membership of the Royal College of GPs with merit five years later in 2000, I then spent the next 10 years working for the NHS in general practice.

During my time as a medical student and in the following years as a qualified practicing doctor, I became more and more aware that the medicine I had been taught does not have all the answers that can help people.

I was president of the complementary medicine society at uni and went on to study Homeopathy and passed the Faculty of Homeopathy exam in 2003, this allowed me to use homeopathy as a GP. Then after experiencing the benefits of acupuncture myself, I decided to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).