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Based in London, the art of acupuncture provides a personalised approach to acupuncture that can be effective in treating the root cause of illness as well as alleviating the symptoms.

With an increasing number of people turning to acupuncture in the UK and globally, the World Health Organisation lists over 100 diseases or disorders where acupuncture can be effective, see WHO document for details. The list includes: back, joint and muscle pain; stress, anxiety or depression; menopause, menstrual or fertility concerns; skin conditions; gastro-intestinal problems such as IBS; migraines and headaches.

As well initially turning to acupuncture for specific symptoms or conditions, many people choose to have treatment to maintain good health, either as a preventative measure, or to improve their general wellbeing. Every treatment plan is different.

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Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Facial enhancement acupuncture, also known as facial rejuvenation or cosmetic acupuncture, is more than just a cosmetic procedure. The use of constitutional acupuncture points on the body, as well as on the face help to balance and harmonise.

It is a natural, non-surgical therapy that will help to reduce the visible signs of aging, while simultaneously targeting the underlying factors, which contribute to the ageing process. The procedure is followed by a relaxing facial massage.

How it works: Facial enhancement acupuncture stimulates the flow of blood and oxygen to the face and facial muscles. This may result in improved skin tone, colour and texture; reduced puffiness and increased moisture absorption.

Fine lines can disappear completely and deeper wrinkles may be reduced. Results can be seen after one treatment but a course of 10 treatments is recommended for optimal benefits. Each treatment will last approximately 90 minutes, depending on your personal treatment plan.

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