Alan Gornall Acupuncture

I use acupuncture to effectively treat any number of ailments in my lewes acupuncture clinic including headaches, pain, digestive complaints, sleep disorders, menstrual problems, infertility, addiction, depression see who has acupuncture? I practice an integrated form of acupuncture incorporporating both traditional five element acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient wellbeing. In addition to acupuncture there are a number of additional techniques that I sometimes use in the treatment room, including cupping, massage, heat lamps, ultrasound, and electroacupuncture.

Depending on your condition, I may use one or more of these adjunctive techniques to maximise the effects of the acupuncture. I can also advise on lifestyle changes, nutrition and exercise to help you to enjoy the best health that you possibly can. I am professional and care about the safety of my patients. I am fully qualified.