A & E Holistic Therapies

Tired, Stressed, Feeling under the weather? Can't quite put your finger on what's wrong? There is a solution. The essence of holistic therapies is to trigger a return to homeostasis (a state of balance) and help improve the overall well being of the patient. By creating the right environment for the body to heal itself, these therapies have the potential to alleviate the symptoms of any ailment. That is why so many different conditions may be helped by these treatments. A & E Holistic Therapies practice at Holt is within easy reach of Wrexham, North Wales and the practice at the Chester Wellness Centre is on the outskirts of Chester and easy to reach from either Chester or Wrexham & North Wales. Acupuncture together with some of our therapies are also now available at the Zenchi Clinic in Tarporley. Free parking is available at all locations. Chester Wellness Centre is the North West's premier wellness facility.